EPM Programme Structure

The Master of Arts in Economic Policy Management

The Department of Economics under the Economic Policy Management Programme offers a Master of Arts in Economic Policy Management. The minimum entry qualification for admission into the programme is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics or any other relevant field with a credit or its equivalent from a recognized university and a minimum of three years of professional experience in the public and private sectors. The degree program consists of coursework in economics, management and policy analysis. Students are also required to write a policy research paper. A student in the programme will normally enroll in the following courses:

First Semester Courses

EPM 5611: Computer Skills
EPM 5621: Effective Policy Communication
EPM 5111: Microeconomics for Policy
EPM 5211: Management Accounting for Policy
EPM 5131: Applied Quantitative Analysis

Second Semester Courses

EPM 5122: Macroeconomics for Policy
EPM 5322: Policy Analysis, Design and Evaluation
EPM 5222: Strategic Planning and Management
EPM 5232: Financial Management for Policy
EPM 5145: Econometrics
EPM 5625: Research Methods

Third Semester Courses

EPM 5155: Public Sector Economics
EPM 5335: Program and Project Management
EPM 5635: Policy Research Paper
1 Elective from Economics
1 Elective from Management

Elective Courses

Economics Electives
EPM 5415: International Trade
EPM 5425: International Finance
EPM 5435: Health Economics for Policy
EPM 5455: Monetary Economics
EPM 5465: Policy Analysis and Economic Management

Management Electives
EPM 5515: Human Resource Management
EPM 5525: Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises