Alumni Information

Objectives of the Alumni
The Alumni association was formed in December 2010,and its objectives are as follows;
1.1. To promote and enhance contact and links among former EPM students, as well as between the Association and the University, particularly the EPM Centre;
1.2. To initiate and arrange meetings, conferences, seminars to discuss or review EPM issues that may have relevance to the practice of EPM;
1.3. To serve as an advisory entity to the EPM Centre (and programme in general) on what changes can be made to the curriculum to make it more relevant to industry;
1.4. To support (or arrange support for ) selected student’s academic achievement awards in order to foster the highest standard of performance from students;
1.5. To support selected research work (including dissertations) that may have specific relevance to the EPM programme;
1.6. To provide linkages between the University (EPM Centre) and industry;
1.7. To promote the image of the EPM programme in Society.